Top 10 Enchanting Lakes of Himachal Pradesh you must Visit!

Lakes are one of the most beautiful natural resources that are present. These are really wonderful presents that mother nature gift wrapped and presented to us. They have all the pristine and azure blue waters like the river but without […]

A Day-Trip To Sonmarg Reveals The Beauty Of Kashmir

At first glance, Sonmarg feels like a dreamlike sequence. The meandering road, up in the high Himalayas from Srinagar to Sonmarg seems endless. As we reach Sonmarg, the clouds above our heads hung low in a threatening stance. As the […]

5 Stunning Himalayan Lakes To Visit In India

Trekking to the lakes of the Himalayas is something that will give us a lot of pleasure and immense experience. Here is a list of five easy to reach Himalayan lakes; most of these connected with motorable roads. During the […]