Top 10 Festivals and Fairs celebrated in Kinnaur

Festivals and fairs are a rich part of our cultural heritage. They are a big part of our social upbringing and times of joy and happiness. These are celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor worldwide. Just like most parts of India, […]

Pangi Dakraine: A Festival of Remembrance

Pangi Dakraine is one of the most traditional and loved festivals of Kinnaur. It is associated with remembrance and celebrated with great enthusiasm. As the name suggests, it is celebrated all over Kinnaur but especially renowned in Pangi. Piri Piri […]

Kinnaur’s Festival of Flowers, Ukhying at Nesang

Ukhying or Fulaich is the festival of ‘fuls’ or flowers. It is a tribute to mother nature and flowers form an integral part of the worship for this festival. It is usually celebrated on the 16th of September and is […]

Offbeat Things To Do In Spiti

Spiti is a part of the Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh; it is situated in the rain shadow of the Indian Himalayas and sees little annual precipitation. A road journey to this place is one of the most […]

Top 10 Must Visit Festivals Around The World

Festivals are nothing but celebrating different cultures and traditions. It makes you learn the values and ethics; people are following for ages. Moreover, adding festival vibes to your trip is best, isn’t it? Be it a music festival or a […]

Top 5 festivals of the world

Top 5 festivals of the world Festival is an event celebrated by a community or a religion to display their affection. Whenever we hear the word, ‘Festival’ we know it is going to be huge and amazing. There is something […]