If a landscape had the powers of casting spells, then the sangla valley would be a magician extraordinary.

Sangla valley is one of the most picturesque and beautiful locations in india. sang is said to mean ‘light’ and la of course means ‘pass’ in the tibetan language. in other words it is the ‘pass of light’. crossing the rather imposing surrounding mountains, you suddenly come across this valley ablaze with sunshine and bursting with the scenes of natural beauty.

This valley starts 57 km short of Kalpa which has been named after a beautiful & populous village Sangla. Sangla is situated on the right bank of Baspa river 17 kms. from Karcham. Journey from Karcham onwards is enjoyable and adventurous throughout the valley. The natural scenery all around and the eternal snow view are picturesque and charming. It is also known as Baspa Valley since Baspa river flows through this area. 



This is the most charming valley in the entire District of Kinnaur. A temple dedicated to Nages god is worth a visit & other places are Sapni, Rackchham, Kilba, Kamru Fort which can also be visited. There are post offices, banks, rest houses for the convenience of the visitors.


Best time to visit: The best time to visit the beautiful Sangla Valley is in the months between April and May and again September and October. All these months are good for camping.

Trivia: The scarcely populated village in Sangla, from which the Sangla Valley got its name, is famous for the local hand woven shawls and typical Kinnauri caps. You can also take back home the famous beans which are grown in the valley itself and are the speciality of the Sangla Valley.

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