Places to Visit near Shillong for Experiencing Meghalaya’s True Beauty

Meghalaya is a burgeoning tourist destination with the ability to captivate and delight the people. Shillong is an amalgamation of town-esque and rural so we get the best of both worlds. The capital of Meghalaya itself has the hallmarks of a town that’s rapidly becoming the go-to destination for tourists from nearby states.

As we move outside, we are introduced to undulating hills, quiet hiking trails and huge natural formations that will leave us awestruck. Here are some to visit near Shillong that will enrich our holiday.


Shillong Peak – The highest one

It is a popular stop just a few kilometres out of town. Shillong peak is the town’s highest point and provides an expansive look at the capital with hills as the backdrop. It is one of the impressive places to visit near Shillong. The area is administered by IAF and we will need to hand in identification at the entrance.


Laitlum – About deep gorges

It has deep gorges and majestic hills rising in the distance. We can spend hours exploring the meadows or just sitting down on the grass and admiring nature’s handiwork. It is tucked away from the town but is no longer unfrequented and has become one of the most popular tourist places near Shillong. If we head down the 3000 or so steps towards the hamlet of Raslong, we can enjoy pulse-racing.

Seeing the residents effortlessly climb up and down the step meandering steps will leave us stunned and more than a little envious.


Sacred Grove – A protected forest

It is away from the town in Mawphlang is an oasis of sorts with old trees and meadows creating an Eden-like world. The sacred grove is a protected forest overseen by a local deity and is one of the offbeat places near Shillong. We can visit and admire the native flora and fauna. Local guides can take us in and narrate fascinating tales of lore.

David Scott Trail – Trekker’s paradise

David Scott Trail is one of its kinds for those who seek an impeccable trekking experience. It was once used as a track to connect Assam to Bangladesh back in the 19th century. This is amongst the adventurous tourist places near Shillong because the trail is not marked. The cascading waterfalls, thick jungles, majestic mountains, mystical groves and the pristine streams make this trail worth it.

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