To enjoy a trip to the most we must stay healthy and avoid getting sick. We spend possibly the best part of the year planning our traveling adventures but without taking proper care of our body we will be entirely holed up in the hotel room, battling a terrible sickness. A huge number of travelers have their dream adventures cancelled or cut short due to falling ill or experiencing an accident. Getting sick is part of life and long term travel and experiencing a changing environment make us even more vulnerable to getting sick. The key to minimize the chances of getting sick is by taking some preventive steps. So here we will talk about some tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.


  1. Stay hydrated – keeping oneself hydrated is very important while traveling specially when flying. The stale plane air can make us feel ill so it’s important to drink a lot of water before, during and after the journey. We can also hydrate ourselves by eating fruits and salads.
  2. Always wash hands – regular hand washing is vital but this isn’t possible while traveling. We encounter a lot of germy tray tables on the plane, bacteria coated handles, grimy cash, less than sanitary toilets etc. We must make sure we wash our hands before eating; we should carry a pocket-size hand sanitizer.
  3. Avoid ice – the water quality of different places are different and if we are concerned and suspicious about it than we should also exercise caution when it comes to having ice. Despite being frozen water, it will also have bacteria and increase the chances of getting sick it is not worth the risk.


  4. Relax and get enough rest – traveling means long, busy days full of activities. So we must take some time to relax and rest. Changing time zones and experiencing different climates and living conditions can take a toll on our body and if we want to avoid getting sick while traveling we must give ourselves enough rest.
  5. Make our meals – it’s obvious that we aren’t traveling miles from home to cook our food but if we are traveling for a longer period than it is important that we avoid eating out constantly and that sometimes make our food. Eating out isn’t good for the stomach and that the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables id important.
  6. Never eat 100% full – we might fall in love with the local food but we should practice self- control when we are trying new food. This is one of the best tips to stay healthy. We should eat until we are 80% full. This needs our stomach won’t take extra energy to digest the food and we will have enough strength to proceed with the long day of exploring the place. We should split our diet into more meals throughout the day but make sure none of the meals is heavy.
  7. Skin protection – the climate of a place affects our skin. So we should know about the climate of the place we are traveling to. We should moisturize frequently, apply sunscreen when necessary and stay hydrated.
  8. Listen to other travelers – we can get advice from people who travel a lot and have a lot of experience with handling sickness while traveling. They can give us practical solutions and tips on how we can stay healthy. We should listen to their stories and learn from their mistakes.

So to enjoy to the fullest we will have to stay healthy and for that, we need to take these preventive steps.

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Purvi Beria

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