How To Have Healthy Skin While Travelling

Travelling and skin problems go hand in hand. Many outside factors cause us skin problems from long-haul flights to unsanitized compartments but there are a few skincare tips that can help us maintain our skin while travelling and help our skin to remain fresh and survive long journeys. Whether we are man or woman, no one desires to see a huge zit after a long and excruciating journey. Travelling can be extremely stressful with all the uncertainty that lies ahead but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to stay safe from the notorious skin issues that come from a long journey. Here are some tips on how to take care of our skin while travelling.

Always have the climate in mind

A lot of travellers underestimated the influence of a new climate on our skin. Travelling prepared plays an important role in helping our skin adapt to the changes. For example, if we going to somewhere cold and dry, we should take come good moisturizer and good lip therapy can hamper the chances of getting chapped skin. Likewise, we are travelling to somewhere hot and humid, we will likely get greasy skin and be more prone to breakouts. So packing some light and oil-free products is always a good option.


To take care of our skin while travelling, we have to stay hydrated

Drinking enough water does miracles to our body and skin. Many people drink rich-in-sugar beverages while travelling to hydrate their body, but this doesn’t certainly help our skin. When on a flight, men lose about two litres of water while women lose 1.6 litres of water which is roughly 4% of our total bodily water. That’s why our mouth is always dry after a long flight. This means that we need to, not only drink as much water as we do at home, but also make up for the water we are losing while flying. We should carry a purifying water bottle along so that we can hydrate whenever and where ever. If we have extremely sensitive skin, using mineral water as an alternative face mist can also help to freshen our looks. We can even eat fruits to keep the body hydrated. 


If possible, skip foundation

There are a lot of alternatives to a heavy foundation, such as good tinted moisturizer, a light BB cream or an oil-free mineral powder. Foundation gets super greasy after a few hours and would inevitably clog the pores; causing more skin problems and leaving the skin look tired and exhausted. There are a lot of products available like all-natural eye lift crème to avoid this type of crisis and make our face and eyes appear brighter and fresher without tones of creamy make-up.

Blot out oily skin

Travelling means going to new places, trying new food and consuming things that might not be suitable for our skin, which makes us more prone to various skin issues. Blot papers are the go-to skin tonner and most people don’t even have the clue what blot papers are used for. If we have sensitive skin and don’t like to use new products on our skin we can make our DIY blotting papers by simply using any rice paper, baby wipes, tissues or paper towels.

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