Either be it the Everest Base Camp or a not so arduous Triund trek, a trek is a trek. It connects you as much mentally as it does physically also. A trek is not just about taking a backpack and walking, it is also about what goes under that backpack and how efficiently and strongly you walk.

If mountains, hikes, rafting, paragliding, and treks have been fascinating you but the very idea of a trek scares you, don’t worry. There is a first time for every such step and once you have reached the highest altitude, that trek will change you for good forever. Preparing well for your first trek becomes the foundation for preparing you mentally for future treks and campaigns.

Planning your trip

best planning or lack of it can make or break a trip, so take the time to master your budget, time your trek and assemble the perfect itinerary for your first trek.

» Design an itinerary

Do you interested in centuries-old culture or do remote mountain passes fascinates? For ancient monasteries, Ladakh or Little Tibet are the best places to go for. If you want to go on a trek through luxuriant forests then consider exploring Sikkim. For scenic mountain views, the little-trekked trails of the Garhwal are the best in the Himalaya.

Above all, never be too ambitious with your itinerary. Allow plenty of contingency days for acclimating, inclement weather, porters that disappear without notice for half a day, village celebrations, or taking an extra day to test a stunning campsite. Understanding a little of the Himalaya would take lifetimes to achieve, so don’t expect to master the mountains on a single trip.


Tips for people going for their first trek in the Himalayas


» Read up

Read up all the places you are visiting. There are tonnes of information on the net in those pages that your search result will yield. Read what other trekkers are saying, read fully about the risks, do’s and dont’s of the trekking route. Basically read up to get yourself prepared for what to expect for a trek or what should not.

» Set your budget

If you’re trekking independently, calculate the cost of hiring a guide, porters, food, accommodation, and transportation and then one and a half it. That should take care of all other unforeseen costs that always seem to creep into a heavy budget. If your arrangements are made by any trekking agency, plan to keep money at hand for tips likely to come to 10% of your total budget.


» Safety first

Your travel planning needs to go beyond government travel organization. Trekking is a specialist activity so read out acclimatization (it could save your life). and don’t assume you can rely heavily on your GPS when you’re out there for any remote area. Even the most detailed contour maps tend to be unreliable in some offbeat areas, so your best investment by far would be hiring an experienced local guide for the mesmerizing trek.


» Keep your essentials at hand

Always carry your water and wind-proof jacket with you, together with a dry pair of socks, booted shoes and a spare sunhat. A supply of stuff bags is a good investment to ease the constant cycle of packing time and again.


» Stay hydrated and eat right


Pack dry fruits, energy bars, trail mixes, chocolates to get that energy boost. The importance of keeping yourself hydrated and energetic cannot be said enough to make it count. Drink ample amount of water to avoid cramps on the strenuous paths.

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» Respect the environment

Don’t start wood fires or pollute water sources you may be thousands of miles from home, but the smallest careless behavior can be disastrous for local ecosystems and people. Plan to return with the rest of the trek crew to ensure that your campsite is cleaned up and garbage carried out. 

» Medical matters


keep your essential medication, but be always selective about taking other medicines along with you. Many brands can be purchased without a prescription. But whatever your medical background is, do not treat local people. Except in extreme emergencies, you may do more harm than good.

 So be conscious during your trek and keep these all tips in your memory always while on the trek.


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