Gift Ideas For Frequent Travellers

It isn’t an easy task to find a perfect gift for people who are close to us and love travelling. So that’s why we have got a list of things we can gift to frequent travellers. Here, we can find gift ideas for different occasions, different types of people and different budgets.


  1. Electric luggage hanging scale – airlines charge a high amount if our luggage exceeds the weight limit. The best way to avoid this situation and know the precise weight of our luggage is to have a scale that is designed to measure the weight of the luggage. This is one of the most important gadgets for a frequent traveller or someone who like travelling over-the-top.
  2. Voice translator – in foreign countries language can be a barrier. Just like everything else travelling has changed a lot over the last couple of decades and new technologies are discovered. Voice translators are one of such discoveries, not only it makes the communication with the locals easier but also is convenient as it runs without internet connection and has a decent 95% accuracy.
  3. Refillable notebook (travellers journal) – a journal helps to keep our thoughts, whether we like to compose music, sketch or write down our travel notes. These notebooks come in many different forms and sizes and they are great gifts for writers and frequent travellers because with these notebooks we will have the luxury to start overtime after time even though we run out of pages.
  4. Portable waterproof solar charger – as time passes by, the lifespan of our phones’ batteries decreases and the best way to make sure our phone always has enough power is getting a portable solar charger, so that we don’t miss to click a picture of a stunning landscape. It’s eco-friendly, portable and works anywhere.
  5. Portable pour coffee maker – if you looking for a gift for someone who is a traveller and can’t live without coffee then this could be one of the best gifts. There are many perks of a coffee maker. We can always make our coffee wherever we are, we can save money because it’s cheaper to make our coffee and it is so tiny that it can easily fit in our backpack or carry-on bag.


  6. Electric travel cable organizer – whether it’s a short or a long trip, we all travel with at least a few electronic gadgets and oftentimes they form unsolvable tangles. We struggle to untangle the clutter of cables that power our gadgets after a trip. The best way to avoid this mess and the hustle is to get a bag which was designed specially to organize our cables when travelling.
  7. Travel Wi-Fi device – the internet has become a very important part of our life whether we are travelling for work or leisure. Struggling to connect to the internet in a foreign land is a daunting experience; a traveller knows how it feels. So a Wi-Fi device is a nice gift to buy.
  8. Magnetic floating globe – it is an excellent souvenir for family and friends, and can also be excellent home decor. The globe rotates on a magnetic plate, which resembles how the real earth rotates in the orbit. The globe levitates even if the base is turned on its side or upside down.

So to make our loved travellers feel happy and give them something useful these are some of the things we can consider. These gadgets and items are necessary and useful to travellers.

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Purvi Beria

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