Festivals are a huge part of Indian culture and traditions. And according to these customs, every state celebrates their own festivals. One such state is the beautiful Himachal Pradesh. It is a serene place with a breathtaking view. Kinnaur is a small yet one of the most beautiful districts in Himachal Pradesh. People here follow their own traditions and celebrate their festivals with joy and happiness. Here is a peek in the way people of Kinnaur celebrate their various festivals:

1. Ukhying: Ukhying is also known as Fulaich which is celebrated every year from 16th September onwards for five days. This festival refers to the beauty of flowers. It is celebrated to pray the mother nature on Earth in which flowers play a major role. It is a beautiful gesture to worship nature and its forms that Kinnauri people perform.

2. Sazo: Sazo is a very renowned festival in Kinnaur. It is celebrated every year in January. On this day, people of Kinnaur worship their deity and also take bath in Sutlej River. The people cook delicious and traditional cuisine and also perform a folk dance. It is said that their holy deity leaves for Kailash Kinnaur.

3. Losar: Losar festival is celebrated as New Year in December. On this day, people have fun with each other and put garlands of chilgoza flowers on. People meet each other and offer greetings and best wishes of the New Year. People keep thorny bushes outside their houses to keep the evil away.

4. Phagul: Phagul is also known as Suskar. This festival is celebrated in the month Of February and March. In the festival of Phagul, the Kali goddess is worshipped. Phagul is celebrated for around 15 days. A huge meal of traditional cuisine is prepared on the last day of Phagul.

5. Beesh: Beesh is also known as Baisakhi. It is celebrated all over India at the beginning of the spring season. All the deities are worshipped and people wish each other on this day. They play folk songs and also perform a folk dance. All the people gather together in traditional and colorful attire and celebrate this festival in enjoyment.

So, these were some of the main festivals celebrated in the district Kinnaur in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

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