SLOW Tourism

Many people love traveling. It is a getaway from daily life, the responsibilities towards work, family, and worries. Such tensions and workload affect us both physically and mentally. To get rid of it we should plan the holidays. We should […]

A bit of Asia, A bit of Europe: Turkey

A place permeated with History, Ancient ruins, Heavenly food, Mountains, Caves and whatnot, Turkey is any traveler’s paradise. Sharing its area with “Western Asia”( Anatolian peninsula) and “South-Eastern Europe”(Balkan peninsula), Turkey is a unique specimen of a country. Being a […]

Best winter destinations in India

Winters are the best season to explore the places in India particularly for tourists. The temperatures are merry right now. Enchant the top spots to visit in India in winter from snow to pleasant climate, from exciting undertakings to bright […]

Hotel vs Hostel vs Airbnb: Where to stay-in on your next trip?

You have a new trip on the horizon. The one you’ve been planning for a really long time and now, you have budget decisions to make. Whether to choose comfort over money. All these decisions can prove to be overwhelming […]

Top 5 Visited Cities In The World

Annual Global Destination Cities Index has released by MasterCard. On the basis of the number of people visiting the cities. The world most visited cities of recent years are Bangkok, Paris, London, Dubai, Singapore. The cities are famous for their […]

Trip To Maldives Can Never Go Wrong, Know Why?

The Maldives is indeed a captivating and isolating getaway on this incredible earth. I am sure you must have witnessed the serene beauty of the Maldives on social media. Perhaps, this paradise is on the top of everyone’s go-to list. […]

Traveling Jobs And Ways To Make Money While Traveling

There are numerous ways to save money while travelling, but we can never eliminate travel costs. Whether we are seasoned traveller or beginners this will make a hole in our pockets. If we are travelling long-term then even if we […]

How to travel with pets

The human-pets bond is a beneficial and dynamic relationship between humans and pets that is influenced by behaviors considered important to the health and well-being of both (humans and pets). Pets are part and parcel of our everyday lives and […]

How To Choose The Right Travel Insurance

When we are travelling outside our country, there is a possibility of things going wrong. We probably won’t need travel insurance but we shouldn’t travel without it to minimize risk. Today about 25%-30% people travel without insurance yet one travel […]

Least Visited Countries In The World And Reasons To Visit Them

When it comes to travelling, people talk about mainstream locations, like countries that live from tourism. But no one talks about the least visited countries. We probably don’t know about some of the countries on this list. Here is a […]