Your all-time favorite hotels

Your all-time favorite hotels A good hotel must be your all-time favorite hotels, should have the most comfortable rooms and should be totally equipped with the necessary items. For instance, a room that has a coffee maker, cable TV, hairdryer, […]

Common Traveling Rip-Offs And How To Avoid Them

Traveling is full of surprises and mistakes are almost inevitable. With so many decisions to make, so much to organize, we are bound to fall short somewhere. We can get many surprises as the operators may ask for their well-hidden […]

Top Strange Places in the World

Strange places sometimes attract the attention of nomads. If you’re one of those who wants to travel the strangest places in the world. Here is a list of top 5 strange known places in the world.  1.Spotted Lake,  British Columbia, […]

Top mythological places

Myths about places There are many places in the world which are famous for its mythological aspects. It’s interesting to know about such things. Sometimes it plays with your mind. It depends on what you believe in. I personally know […]

Top 5 festivals of the world

Top 5 festivals of the world Festival is an event celebrated by a community or a religion to display their affection. Whenever we hear the word, ‘Festival’ we know it is going to be huge and amazing. There is something […]

What all to carry while travelling?

When it comes to packing, it becomes the most hectic thing for beginning your journey. People always end up delaying the packing process and in the last minute, they wind up by missing out on stuff. We’ve made your travel […]