Himachal-The Beauty!

Himachal Pradesh in northern India is a place with varied heritage and cultures. It has an abundance of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. It is a place where you can just pack your bags and visit for a relaxing getaway […]

Festivals Of Kinnaur

Festivals are a huge part of Indian culture and traditions. And according to these customs, every state celebrates their own festivals. One such state is the beautiful Himachal Pradesh. It is a serene place with a breathtaking view. Kinnaur is […]

Bonang: The 12 year Festival

Bonang is one of the lesser-known but very beautiful festivals in India. It is celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendor in Kinnaur by the local population. It is a very huge and unique event and is celebrated once […]

Top 10 Festivals and Fairs celebrated in Kinnaur

Festivals and fairs are a rich part of our cultural heritage. They are a big part of our social upbringing and times of joy and happiness. These are celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor worldwide. Just like most parts of India, […]

Pangi Dakraine: A Festival of Remembrance

Pangi Dakraine is one of the most traditional and loved festivals of Kinnaur. It is associated with remembrance and celebrated with great enthusiasm. As the name suggests, it is celebrated all over Kinnaur but especially renowned in Pangi. Piri Piri […]

Kinnaur’s Festival of Flowers, Ukhying at Nesang

Ukhying or Fulaich is the festival of ‘fuls’ or flowers. It is a tribute to mother nature and flowers form an integral part of the worship for this festival. It is usually celebrated on the 16th of September and is […]

This Is Why Kinnaur Spiti Trip Is Best Done In Monsoon

A trip to the Kinnaur and Spiti valleys during monsoon is not a sane idea. But bursting all the myths and putting fear to rest, we can vouch for the fact that both Kinnaur and Spiti look nothing less than […]


KANYAKUMARI The last point of india: kanyakumari. the only place in india where you can witness both sunrise and sunset over the horizon.the place also known as TRIVENISANGAM for a reason that bay of bengal,arabian sea and indian ocean meet […]

Top 10 Must Visit Festivals Around The World

Festivals are nothing but celebrating different cultures and traditions. It makes you learn the values and ethics; people are following for ages. Moreover, adding festival vibes to your trip is best, isn’t it? Be it a music festival or a […]