A bit of Asia, A bit of Europe: Turkey

A place permeated with History, Ancient ruins, Heavenly food, Mountains, Caves and whatnot, Turkey is any traveler’s paradise. Sharing its area with “Western Asia”( Anatolian peninsula) and “South-Eastern Europe”(Balkan peninsula), Turkey is a unique specimen of a country. Being a […]

Hotel vs Hostel vs Airbnb: Where to stay-in on your next trip?

You have a new trip on the horizon. The one you’ve been planning for a really long time and now, you have budget decisions to make. Whether to choose comfort over money. All these decisions can prove to be overwhelming […]

Tips and Recommendations for travelling in Novel Coronavirus

“World Health Organisation“(WHO) has declared COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus as a pandemic. During this global health crisis, various health organizations are advising not to travel to places experiencing the transmission of the virus. Although many countries including India have not […]