We are pleased to know that you are keen to be associated with us. As part of the selection process, please complete the assignment below and submit.

I. Write an Article

We want you to send us one sample article which will help us know your writing skills better. The topic needs to be related to any topic around “Himalayan Travel”.

You are free to pick any topic and write an article along with relevant images.

1. No. of words: 700+
2. Your article must have a catchy heading.
3. Your article should be 100% unique. Plagiarized content will get rejected.
4. Add at least 3-4 photographs in the article. Mention the image source link below each image.
5. Include at least 2-3 sub-headings in your article.
6. Include your name and article title in the filename while uploading.

II. Make a poster

Create an instagram poster/ infographic that showcases your creativity and ability to drive engagement. You need to post that image on your instagram page tagging @_kinnaur_ & @thehimalayantravelgroup.

You can use any platform such as Canva, Picasa etc to create the poster. Feel free to use any pics you have clicked during your travels.

Deadline: On or before 26th July

Submission: Submit the assignment through the link below.

Feel free to connect in case of any queries/confusion.