Offbeat Things To Do In Spiti

Spiti is a part of the Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh; it is situated in the rain shadow of the Indian Himalayas and sees little annual precipitation. A road journey to this place is one of the most […]

Pilgrimage Sites In Jammu And Kashmir

If there is heaven on earth, it is believed to be in the land of the Kinners and Gandharvas, that is, Jammu and Kashmir. These two states have had a glorious history of being a hub of culture and spiritual […]

Exploring Shimla And Outskirts

Shimla and Kinnaur districts of Himachal Pradesh are known as the apple country for they are the apple bowl of India. It produces juicy red apples that are enjoyed across the globe. Just before the fruit is ready to be […]