Travel destination for women travelers

This blog is about the strong aspiring woman who loves to travel alone. You don’t always need a partner to travel or have fun. Travelling is all about having fun and exploring the world. Here’s the list of location where […]

Udaipur- City of Lakes

Udaipur is known as the “City of Lakes”, comes under the category of a 2-3 days tour with friends and family.   I recently visited this beautiful city in Rajasthan which is famous for its lakes and calm surrounding. As […]

Top Jungle safaris in the world

Well, get your gears on. Exploring wildlife is one of the most beautiful things in life. Observing the animals and knowing about the end number of species that exist will astonish you. Exploring wildlife is adventurous and challenging at the […]

Places to visit in Bali, Indonesia

The Indonesian land is quite in trend these days. It has become a favourite destination spot for all travellers. The island is home to religious places like Uluwatu Temple. The island is popular for its meditation and Yoga.  Bali is […]

Top 10 must visit places in FRANCE

France is a famous holiday destination known for its romantic cities, beautiful streets, serene view and historical monuments. The Eiffel Tower is one of the seven wonders of the world, found in the capital city of France. Paris is one […]

How to start a travel blog?

For starting a travel blog, you need to understand the basic things. First things first, know your readers and develop a strong network. When you are starting with something, you need to understand how to build the network. It’s the […]

15 amazing facts about Spain

Spain, a country located in the south western Europe. Spain is a country of vast mountains, stone castles and amazing cities which makes it a travel destination. The country is culturally diverse. La-tomatino is the very famous festival celebrated in […]

Top Strange Places in the World

Strange places sometimes attract the attention of nomads. If you’re one of those who wants to travel the strangest places in the world. Here is a list of top 5 strange known places in the world.  1.Spotted Lake,  British Columbia, […]

Top mythological places

Myths about places There are many places in the world which are famous for its mythological aspects. It’s interesting to know about such things. Sometimes it plays with your mind. It depends on what you believe in. I personally know […]

Top 5 festivals of the world

Top 5 festivals of the world Festival is an event celebrated by a community or a religion to display their affection. Whenever we hear the word, ‘Festival’ we know it is going to be huge and amazing. There is something […]