History of Kinnaur

Kinnaur’s ancient history is shrouded in myth and sparse in fact. Between the 6th century BC and the 6th century AD, the land came under the sway of the Mauryas, Kushanas and Guptas. Local authority, however, often rested with indigenous rulers. It was the Thakur of Kamru who founded the Bushahr state in the 7th-8th […]


Kinnaur   District   is   located   in   the   eastern   part   of   the   Indian   state   of    Himachal  Pradesh,  to  the  south  of  Lahaul  and  Spiti.  On  its  southern  side,  it   borders  Garhwal  (in  the  newly-founded  Uttaranchal  State),  and  on  its   eastern  side,  Tibet. Out  of  the  77  official  villages  (called   “revenue  villages”)  of  Kinnaur,  the   Kanauri  language  is  […]